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VPI VideoPresence
Telepresence is the next generation...
VideoPresence makes it simple & affordable

Isnít telepresence just video conferencing?
Thereís a huge difference.† Telepresence is the science of creating visual collaboration environments, networks, and strategies, that create the illusion that people at the remote distant location are essentially present.†
No picture artifact.† No sound delay.† 100% guaranteed call connection every conference.† Although many organizations have tried previous videoconferencing equipment, it doesnít take long to realize the need for secure telepresence services over whatís been available.†† VideoPresence delivers on the promise of delivering secure high quality video telepresence solutions for your organization.

Total network security in an insecure world
VideoPresence provides secure private network services designed to protect the security of your organizations voice, video, and data between geographically separated office  locations. The VideoPresence private network is not open to the public internet. Clients can be confident that voice, video, and data transmissions are secure and private 24x7.

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