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IXC Pathfinder

Finally, an affordable, secure, automatic T-1
Pathfinder provides customers with capabilities that are either too expensive to procure from other vendors or simply too difficult to maintain and operate. Pathfinder systems are unique, offering:

·  Auto Provisioning

·  T-1 Bonding 1 to 4 units

·  Ethernet over copper via TDM circuits

·  Automatic fault detection of circuit and SLA monitoring

·  UltraE™ - Ethernet that goes the distance

·  Hardware based 3DES or AES encryption


The Pathfinder is similar in size to a cable modem.  The Pathfinder solves 2 major problem areas:  First, to provide advanced communications capabilities such as Ethernet, MPLS, TCP/IP, etc. across the ”last mile” on legacy copper links (T1, E1, J1, DS3), radio, microwave, or satellite.  This facilitates quality communications between offices making VOIP and similar applications economically and electronically possible.  The second is to optimize communications over the resulting link because bandwidth is NOT free.  Even where advanced communications ARE available, the pathfinder makes last mile links more efficient and saves money by requiring fewer or smaller connections.

The new Pathfinder 100

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